When You Arrive at the Farm!

  • We keep the tree farm well groomed, but there are some things that are beyond the farmer’s control. Be careful of tree stumps, an occasional blackberry vine, uneven ground and sharp saws.
  • Go to the farm prepared for a day in the country. Wear comfortable shoes or boots, warm clothes and rain gear. The “cutter downers” and the “loader uppers” should also have gloves. And don’t forget to bring your camera!
  • Saws are provided by the farm, but they may be in use already so you may want to bring your own if you have one!
  • Some farms measure and price their trees individually, others sell them by the foot. All our trees are $20!
  • Select the tree that fits your predetermined needs. Check the trunk to be sure that it is sufficiently straight. Keep in mind that pines will usually have, at least, some crook in their trunks. Also check that the tree has a sufficiently long handle to accommodate your stand.
  • In the fall of the year ALL conifers drop, or shed, a certain portion of their oldest needles. This is a normal part of the life cycle of the tree. This phenomena occurs because the tree is preparing itself for winter.
  • Cutting the tree is easiest as a two person project. The “cutter downer” usually lies on the ground. While the helper holds the bottom limbs up. While the cut is being made, the helper should tug on the tree lightly to ensure that the saw kerf remains open and the saw does not bind. The tugging force should be applied to the side of the tree opposite the cut.

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  1. Great advice from Safety Santa Jon! I know all patrons will follow and appreciate his sage advice.

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