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From Sunny Day Customers:

“We absolutely loved Sunny Day Tree farm. We were sent over by friends. Our local spot was converted to vines recently so we needed a new tree farm.  The view is outstanding. It’s just gorgeous. There is a huge variety of types and sizes all relatively well organized. Every tree is the same price, makes selecting easy.”

– Alison M

“We are so glad we made the drive out to this amazing tree farm. Su and family are the sweetest family ever. The trees are gorgeous and prices are perfect. A great gift shop with ornaments, decorations, and FREE hot chocolate. We will be back for years to come. Thank you!”

– Pam B,

“100% Best place to go. Great Prices, enormous selection of U-cut trees, and very fast support. When I arrived they had a huge table full of saws, and a friendly host who told me what to do. I grabbed a saw and at my leisure selected a tree. After cutting it down, I flagged down one of the guys on an ATV with a sled. They brought my tree to the front office where I promptly paid and was on my way. Couldn’t ask for better selection and service, this is the only place I will go now in Oregon every Christmas!”

– Nathaniel H.

“The most wonderful farm and people! Due to their kindness 5 years ago that persists today, I will not go anywhere else.”

– Dennis T.

“I love this place!! Great family owned farm! Super friendly people. Fun, positive experience every time we have been there! Great trees for a great price! Thanks so much for making our holiday so memorable!”

– Lisa E,