Our Trees

Our Trees

All our trees are Oregon-fresh, only $75 for U-Cut Christmas trees and $85 for Pre-Cut Christmas trees. Choose from our “On the Farm” grown Turkish Fir and Nordmann Fir trees up to 9 feet tall. Our Farm does not use any pesticide or herbicide on our Trees or ground, we are completely Natural!

Our Farm is a “U-Cut” Christmas tree farm. You cut, carry to your car and load! It’s great fun for the entire family. That’s why all of our Oregon-natural Christmas Trees are just $75 if you cut your own or $85 if you prefer a fresh pre-cut Christmas tree!

We have $85 fresh cut Christmas Trees on our barn lot for your viewing and selection!  Some of our friends like to walk the property and others prefer to “stay close” and choose their tree from our pre-cut selection.   Given the cold weather we’ve been having, your tree is fresh and will stay fresh as long as you follow our “tree caring guidelines” posted on our website.

We do NOT have Nobles, only Nordmann and Turkish Fir. No use of pesticides or herbicides on any tree or our ground, we do not spray our trees! We have Trees up to nine (9) feet this year!

Christmas Trees for SaleTurkish Fir

Sometimes confused with Nordman fir, the Turkish fir is native to northern Turkey and has become quite popular as a Christmas tree variety in the U.S. in recent years. The main difference between the Nordman and Turkish fir is that the needles are flatter on the stem and the needles radiate out more from the stem on the Turkish fir. As a Christmas tree variety, the Turkish fir has attractive two-tone needles that are a dark silvery-green underneath. The tree keeps very well if kept well-watered after cutting and has strong branches, making it our most sold Christmas Tree on the Farm!

Fir Christmas Trees for Sale


3Nordmann Fir

Native to the Caucasus Mountains in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia they are the latest trend in exotic trees. The soft black green needles are borne on symmetrically arranged branches exhibiting a perfectly pyramidal specimen evergreen. With its thick foliage, the Nordmann Fir is our premier Christmas tree! Looking for U-Cut Christmas Trees Near Portland? Visit Sunny Day Tree Farm today!