Never Too Early to Decorate for Fall

Never Too Early to Decorate for Fall

With the heat of summer finally fading and the rain finally falling, autumn has arrived. Along with changing leafs and cooler temperatures, fall also marks the start of the holiday season. October pumpkins give way to the cornucopias of November, which segue neatly into Christmas trees and stockings hung with care.

For some, the green light for when to start decorating for fall is the last week of September when the autumnal equinox occurs in the Northern Hemisphere. Others show a little more restraint by waiting all the way until October 1st to break open boxes full of spooky specters and vicious vampires. However, unlike the appropriateness of wearing white after a certain early September three-day weekend, there are no hard and fast rules about when it’s acceptable to start decorating for the fall holiday season.

There’s nothing wrong with being the most eager beaver on the block and starting your holiday decorating a little earlier than your neighbors. However, if you live under the rules of a neighborhood or block association, make sure no bylaws exist that set a firm date on when decorating is allowed.

Decorating as part of a theme can also be a rewarding experience, so check with nearby neighbors who also like to decorate to see if maybe you can coordinate the style of your block before setting off on your own design. If not, bravely go your own way and don’t let anybody give you reason to pause when ratcheting up the holiday spirit.

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