How Tall Should My U-Cut Christmas Tree Be?

A U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm is an optical illusion.  When you stand among thousands of trees in the middle of the field in a wide expanse of country, the Christmas Trees just seem smaller.  Most people want a nice, big, full Christmas Tree that fills up their home from top to bottom.  What most people tell us when they return every year is that they had to cut their Christmas Tree when they took it home because it was too tall.  Be sure to measure your floor to ceiling height, most homes have 8 foot ceilings and by the time you put your Christmas tree in it’s stand (2-4 inches) and place your Star, Angel or picture of your favorite Christmas Tree Farmer on top of your Christmas Tree (another 2-4 inches), your Christmas Tree only needs to be 7 feet or so.

Be sure to measure the height of your Christmas Tree stand,  your total room space, ceiling height and room/area width and bring your tape measure with you so the “Christmas Tree Farm optical illusion” doesn’t set in and you end up cutting your Christmas Tree (again) when you get home.  Remember what you did last year?  If you don’t remember, rent Christmas Vacation and watch the Griswalds, they’re a great reference for too much Christmas Tree in too little of a space.

Hope to see you, your family and your tape measure up at the Sunny Day Tree Farm – “The Happiest U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon!”  Come on up, we’ll prove it to you!  🙂

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