Early Morning Call from Rudolph!

I sprung out of bed early this morning to the phone ringing and as I made my way to the phone I realized it was very, very early.  As the full moon lit the early morning I answered the phone with a start and all I heard on the phone was some strange “clicking”. I glanced at the caller I.D. and it said, “North Pole”.  I then realized that it was Rudolph (the famous red nosed raindeer) calling and I immediately switched our phone over to the raindeer translator receiver.  I could then talk to Rudolph (who obviously has no concept of time) about Santa’s upcoming visit this weekend.

Rudolph explained that he, Dasher and Blitzen were making the three raindeer trip from the North Pole to the Sunny Day Tree Farm and were personally delivering Santa to the Farm.  He went on to tell me that he only required his strongest two other raindeer because they were just bringing Santa and did not have to pull the entire Christmas sleigh with Santa and all the presents for all the children.  His last question was about the “fog factor” at the Sunny Day Tree Farm. He explained that if its foggy, he has to get extra sleep so his nose is at “full bright mode”  to safely deliver Santa.  If its not foggy, he can stay up late, help the elves prepare gifts and deliver Santa on “dim mode”.

Rudolph was very nice and full of Christmas cheer, but I could tell he was very busy and focused on Christmas eve,  he closed by saying, “Uncle Jon, you and Aunt Su look to the North early Saturday morning, when you see the red light in the sky know that it’s me, Dasher & Blitzen arriving with Santa and if you could, please keep your wood stove at “low heat”, Santa still likes to make an entrance and arrive through the chimney.”  I assured Rudolph that we’ll be prepared and to expect a “raindeer treat”  for the journey back to the North Pole.

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