Check your Directions!

Be sure to read the directions on our website and be careful about relying on your GPS, Google Maps, or Mapquest.  Usually pretty reliable, visitors were sent to the incorrect location yesterday and it took them longer than expected to find us.  Please note that there are two (2) Neill Roads and they do not connect!  Confusing to say the least if you have not been here before so please review the directions and bring a copy with you as you begin your adventure.

Note: You want the Neill road that has a cross road of Schmeltzer and please look for our signs that are posted on the roads leading up to Neill Road, just look for the sign reading “$20 U-cut” with our “sunny day tree farm smiley face”.  If you feel lost, please call Jon on his cell phone, 503-349-1600.

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    • Not this year Jennifer, sorry. Our Christmas Trees top out at 6 feet and will grow another 1 to 2 feet over the Spring so next year we’ll have 7 to 8 foot Christmas Trees. We have a few neighbors that are selling trees on their property for $20 & $25, tall Nobles 10 feet plus. They’re not a tree farm so you don’t get the tree farm experience, but you can get a large, tall tree for $20 or $25.

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