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Avoid a wait!

Due to the popularity of our Christmas Tree Farm, we have a lot of visitors, especially on the busy weekends (the weekend of Thanksgiving and the next two weekends).  To avoid a wait  we suggest coming on a week day if at all possible.  We’re happy to see you any day, but we just wanted you to be aware of the potential wait to get on the Farm.  Merry Christmas!


How to Take Care of Your Trees During a Drought

How to Take Care of Your Trees During a Drought

Even though we may not usually think of drought when it comes to the Portland area very often, the recent dry spell Oregon has suffered through has made the lack of rainfall a serious concern for the landscapes of homeowners. While the NW section of the state hasn’t suffered the kind of extreme drought that… Continue Reading

Visitors to the Sunny Day Tree Farm already!

Wow!  Families have already visited the Sunny Day Tree Farm!  Beating the Thanksgiving Holiday, families have already visited and cut their Christmas Tree!  Go to the Sunny Day Tree Farm Facebook page for pictures and information!  Would you like to make a visit before we officially open?  Just call our Farm at 503-628-1017 and we’ll… Continue Reading

Christmas Tree Care in Your Home

We want you to enjoy your Sunny Day Tree Farm Christmas Tree for as long as possible.  The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association recommends that you place your tree away from heat sources when you take it home.  It’s a good idea to keep it away from heating vents, fireplaces, wood stoves, television sets or… Continue Reading

What a Wonderful Day!

Hot Cocoa in the Christmas Barn, warming near the wood stove, U-Cut Christmas Tree hunting, Christmas pictures on the Sunny Day Tree Farm with the view of the valley and lots of Christmas Spirit – what a wonderful day!  Many people returning as they have made the Sunny Day Tree Farm their annual family tradition. … Continue Reading

How Tall Should My U-Cut Christmas Tree Be?

A U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm is an optical illusion.  When you stand among thousands of trees in the middle of the field in a wide expanse of country, the Christmas Trees just seem smaller.  Most people want a nice, big, full Christmas Tree that fills up their home from top to bottom.  What most people… Continue Reading

U-Cut Christmas Trees in Oregon

Some people ask, “why should I cut a Fresh Christmas Tree?”  The way we like to think about it is that it is much like a vegetable garden.  You plant something and at some point it has to be harvested or it will go bad.  The same is true for Christmas Trees, they are planted… Continue Reading