Santa’s “Helpers” have been in Contact!

Exciting news on the Sunny Day Tree Farm.  Santa’s “people” have been in touch with us to prepare for Santa’s visit on December 5th & 6th.  Santa’s “handlers” from the North pole are very nice, but they do want to make sure that the Christmas Spirit is alive and well on the Sunny Day Tree Farm. … Continue Reading

Lots of Visitors to Our Website!

Holy Santa Claus, we have a lot of people going to our website!  Folks are going to our website by the dozens to check out what our Farm has to offer.  The most interesting visitor?  Someone from China visited yesterday to check out our website.  I doubt if they’ll make a personal visit, but very… Continue Reading

How Many Christmas Trees on the Farm?

The Sunny Day Tree Farm has roughly 30-35 acres of Christmas Trees.  On one acre we have about 1,750 Christmas Trees so that equates to well over 50,000 Christmas trees on our Farm.  We have newly planted seedlings that are about 3-4 inches high to our largest Christmas Trees that are over 6 feet high… Continue Reading

We’re a Green Farm!

When you come to our U-cut Farm to get your Christmas Tree, you’ll be able to get a cup of complementary hot chocolate, tea and cider all served with “Green Eco Friendly – Biodegradable cups, bowls and spoons”.  All the products meet the biodegradable products institute compostable standards and are made from renewable resources.  Hey, c’mon,… Continue Reading

Don’t eat too much during Thanksgiving!

Don’t over do it at Thanksgiving!  You’ll need your Christmas legs for Christmas tree hunting so watch how much you eat at Thanksgiving.  Some families make it a tradition to get their Christmas tree during Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving weekend is not too early to get your Christmas tree as long as you follow our guidelines… Continue Reading

Visit During the Week

You can come for a special visit during the week if you cannot make it during a Saturday or Sunday.  Please call our Farm, 503-628-1017 to make arrangements for a special visit.  Someone is always here, but we do not open the gate for visitors unless they are expected.  If a weekday is better for… Continue Reading

Remember to Keep it Simple

Remember to keep your Christmas simple.  The memories that you are creating for your family have a huge impact and they are the feelings they will hold on to for a lifetime.  It’s not the “stuff’” they’ll remember, it’s the tenderness that’s created by you during this time of year.  Work hard at not working hard, give… Continue Reading

Signs, Signs, Signs!

Look for our new Sunny Day Tree Farm signs leading you up to the Farm! This year we have a new Sunny Day Tree Farm sign at the entrance to our Farm as well as new road signs leading our friends to our farm. Look for the  “Sunny Face” logo on the sign which is… Continue Reading

Christmas Chili!

Talk of which “Christmas Chili” receipt is in the air at the Sunny Day Tree Farm.  Around the lunch hour we’ll have Christmas Chili available for our friends to help warm the bones and fill their bellies.  After attending a Chili competition we have plenty of ideas for Chili and we’re looking forward to making… Continue Reading