Santa Clause, 6 to 10 Ft. Trees & More!

It’s all here this weekend – Saturday & Sunday!  Santa Claus from 10am to 3pm (kiddo pictures – no charge), large freshly cut Christmas Trees 6 to 10 feet, “in field” U-cut Christmas Trees 6 feet and shorter – all Christmas Trees just $20.  The Christmas Barn has Wreaths ($15), Centerpieces ($10), Christmas Seedling Gifts ($5), Christmas… Continue Reading

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees!

We have fresh cut 7-10 foot Noble Christmas Trees on our barn lot for your viewing and selection!  Some of our friends like to walk the property and others prefer to “stay close” and choose their tree from our pre-cut selection.  All of our pre-cut Christmas Trees have been cut no sooner than two nights before so… Continue Reading

Early Morning Call from Rudolph!

I sprung out of bed early this morning to the phone ringing and as I made my way to the phone I realized it was very, very early.  As the full moon lit the early morning I answered the phone with a start and all I heard on the phone was some strange “clicking”. I glanced at the… Continue Reading

FaceBook, FaceBook, FaceBook!

Sunny Day Tree Farm is on FaceBook and have we been adding Friends!  We just put the Farm on FaceBook and the friends have been joining and making the Sunny Day Tree Farm a Friend.  We really did not understand the power of FaceBook and what it could do for the Farm.  A friend to friend referral… Continue Reading

A Wonderful First Weekend!

We had a wonderful first weekend!  Seeing our returning friends, re-connecting with folks, getting caught up on the families and making new friends is always a highlight for us.  A lot of new visitors made the first weekend especially memorable as families took full advantage of the Sunny Day Tree farm experience.  Beautiful weather was a… Continue Reading

The Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well!

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well on the Sunny Day Tree Farm!  Our friends and visitors have warmed our hearts with their kind comments and gratitude toward us and our Christmas Farm. It’s all about the “adventure” of the Farm, the Christmas Chili, the warm stove, the hike around the Farm in search of… Continue Reading

Check your Directions!

Be sure to read the directions on our website and be careful about relying on your GPS, Google Maps, or Mapquest.  Usually pretty reliable, visitors were sent to the incorrect location yesterday and it took them longer than expected to find us.  Please note that there are two (2) Neill Roads and they do not… Continue Reading

Opening Day Today!

Today is opening day and we are very excited!  Everything is prepared, all the Christmas decor is in place, the trees are ready, the wood stove is warm and inviting and the chili is on the stove  – it’s going to be a “jingle” of a good time.  Make two visits, one to get your Christmas… Continue Reading

We’re Open Friday, November 27th!

We are open Friday, November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving.  Dawn to dusk we’ll be open so come on up!  It’s wine tasting weekend in this part of the country so if you want to come up after wine tasting, feel free.  We have visitors come up while they’re out for a country drive so… Continue Reading

Elf Inspection?

Regulation from the North Pole?  We were just contacted by the “Elf Inspection Team” informing us that there will be a “surprise inspection” of the Sunny Day Tree Farm this Thanksgiving weekend.  U-cut Christmas Tree presentation, Wreath attributes, Smile quality and Love delivery were just a few of the things they mentioned we would be… Continue Reading