A Thanksgiving Tradition – A Call From Santa’s people!

We wait near the phone with great anticipation each and every Thanksgiving awaiting the call from Santa’s ‘people”.  Santa’s “people” call us every Thanksgiving to make sure we are prepared for Santa’s visit (this year on December 4th & 5th).  Santa’s “handlers” from the North pole are very nice, but they do want to make sure that the Christmas Spirit is alive and well on the Sunny Day Tree Farm.  The “handlers” subjected us to the normal battery of questions, “do you believe in Santa?”, “does Rudolph have a bright, shiny nose?”, “is Santa’s favorite treat milk and cookies?”, do Raindeers eat hay, straw or jelly beans?”  We’re happy to report that we passed with flying colors and received an A+ on our answering of all the questions.  Santa’s on his way!

P.S They are called  “Raindeers” in Oregon!  🙂

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