A Text Message From Blitzen

We were awakened by the “buzz” of our cell phone this morning.  Rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, we glanced to see that we received a text message from the North Pole, it was Blitzen.  His text read, “Hey Sunny Day Tree Farm, are you ready for Christmas Tree Season, all ready to go, ready to spread the Christmas spirit to the children looking for Christmas Trees?”  Our thumbs began to wiggle as we quickly answered the text from Blitzen.  “You bet Mr. Blitzen, the Sunny Day Tree Farm is ready to warm the hearts of our visitors and share the Christmas Spirit with all of our visitors.”

Blitzen sent a text back explaining, “Just checking, Santa is outside with us preparing the sleigh for Christmas Day and he asked me to check with the kind folks at the Sunny Day Tree Farm to make sure sure that his ambassadors of Christmas Love were excited and ready to spread the spirit.”

It’s always wonderful to receive a message from Santa.  He’s so busy this time of year and to know he’s thinking of us sure warms our hearts.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving and we are Open!  We’ll see you soon at the Sunny Day Tree Farm!

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